Asked Questions

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01. What sets Cross Choice apart from other discount cards?

First – Referenced Based Pricing.
Second – The wide range of benefits not found on most discount cards.

02. Does Cross Choice pay my claims?
03. Who’s eligible for Cross Choice?
04. Is Cross Choice considered health insurance?
05. Is there a copay or deductible with Cross Choice?
06. Can our company use pre-tax dollars to fund Cross Choice for our employee’s?
07. Is there a waiting period after I sign up?
08. What is your membership cancellation policy?
09. Do you have an open enrollment period?
10. What is Cross Choice Rewards Program (CCRP)?
11. What is the best way to contact support staff?
12. Do you have a refund policy?
13. How do I file a claim for Referenced Based Pricing?
14. Do you have a pre-existing condition clause?
15. Member Termination
16. Where can I find the most up to date information for all Cross Choice members?
17. How do I access my Telemedicine (MeMD) benefit?