Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing is not a discount program, it’s a process by which you receive Medicare approved rates. You are now on a level playing field with large insurance companies.

ALL CLAIMS are calculated from a formula of 600-800% above Medicare approved amounts.

If you are not happy paying the full amount or do not have traditional insurance, you need Cross Choice.

The following examples are real savings from real people using RBP.

Example 1 – (Jim, MO) – A billed amount of $1,702 was recently settled for $621.

Example 2 – (Celeste, GA) – A billed amount of $42,177 was settled for $9,984.

Example 3 – (Jared, OR) – A billed amount of $16,822 was settled for $4,327.


The savings are obvious! You save two ways – Monthly, and when a provider performs a service!

Insurance companies never pay a billed amount. The amount paid is always based off of Medicare approved charges.

Did you know that the national average health care cost for inpatient hospital stay is $10,700? Did you know the average deductible for traditional insurance is $7,000-$10,000?

Let’s do some math - $800 monthly premium (12 months) = $9,600 (please input your own numbers)
$9,600 + $7,000 = $16,600
Cross Choice - $65 monthly for 12 months = $780

That’s a saving of $15,820 annually! (Based off of your numbers, it could be more or less.)

It’s time for you to take charge of your health care cost; start saving today!

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